What do trousers, Vampire, Christmas and your memories have in common?

Surprisingly a lot. At least for me today.

So I was buying cargo trousers today. As I hate shopping with a passion worthy of a better cause, I’m glad that there is this one little shop where I can be sure that I can find them every time. In, out, 3 minutes, done. This time I thought it might be nice to mention that to the owner. So I did, and we started to talk.
From one topic to another we eventually start talking about photography. In his younger days, he was in the Navy, and he remembers sending letters with pictures of his family. Recently his mom died, and he was going through her belongings. He found those pictures wrapped in a bag hidden in a shoe box. Perfectly preserved. She kept them all just like mums do, and now he has them again. At the same time, he has no idea where are all the pictures from his visit to the Philippines 3 year ago are. Those taken on the phone are gone. Somewhere. Maybe deleted, maybe forgotten after he got a new phone. Those taken on the point and clink camera were dropped on a CD, and now the CD is somewhere. Not sure where. He also found a few pictures that his friend took when he was in his twenties. Simple candid, unposed photos of friends hanging out.

This conversation stayed with me till now. I have talked to a stranger about photography and the only pictures that he thought were worth mentioning, were the printed ones and the honest, candid ones.

( on the side note – some time ago I wrote a piece about why we need to print our images – )

Now.. Halloween is over, and yet again I have no photo of my son dressed as a vampire. That’s a third year in the row. He is wearing the same costume, and I always promise myself that this time I will take the camera for trick or treating but somehow life gets in the way and puff..! No more Halloween and no photo. It bugs me. Because I think that next year he will probably get dressed as something else and I have missed my chance. And he is a vampire with a passion. With the hissing in hiding behind a cape and that jazz. It’s a pure pleasure to look at his commitment to the role.
I already miss the photos that I don’t have…

We are moving towards Christmas now. And then the New Year. I know its still time, but some shops on the streets are trying to tell me that is closer than I think ( although if you think about it, we are just 6 Mondays away, so it’s not that far) Since I have kids I really love Christmas. I was never a huge fan before but now? Amazing stuff. But Christmas always brings me some melancholy. I start thinking about the passing of time more, about the road not taken, things I did or did not do.. I think that this none existing vampire photo, and the lucky preserved navy pictures triggered that period a little early this year
I’m probably not alone in this train of thoughts, Millions and million new years resolutions prove that most of the use reflect on our life at this time. During 2017 I have met a quite a bit of people who fell in love with the idea of Day in Life session and wanted to document their family life but for one reason or another they decided to postpone it. And I’m sure that now, they have a none existing vampire photos as well.

So for those people I starting my Christmas earlier. Until the end of the year, I’m dropping the price of the Day of Life session, and I’m adding a gift to it. Because some things will never come back and it will be a damn shame to miss them.

This are gorgeous, one of a kind 12×8 inches matted images printed on a fine art paper created by a company that is doing it since 1584 (!!) and I will include a few of them with every session booked before the end of the year.



Also until the end of the year, the session price is dropped to 199 euro. This will never happen again. It’s a result of my Vampire and Navy train of thought 🙂

So if you were always hesitating – this is the time to say YES.
If you ware thinking about getting your family pictures done for quite some time now – this is the time.

If you have a Christmas tradition, You always pick up a tree together, you bake biscuits or create Christmas decoration, cook together or if it’s your first family Christmas. This is the time to say YES. If you don’t want to have your own nonexisting vampire pictures – got in touch.

If you have doubts about letting a photographer into your life here is an article I have prepared that could help you –

If you still don’t feel like its a good time for you, let your family and friends know about the opportunity.

So.. click Book Now and give me a shout.
I hope to see you soon.