Life with children is running fast. Just a moment ago they were these tiny little creatures, and now one of them is in First class riding her big girl bike, and the other one just started playschool.  Whenever I have a moment of realization that they are growing so fast I see this comic in my head ( btw way  is one of favorite comic about the parenting of all time).


So I want to stop time. The only way I can do this with photography. We all take pictures during birthdays, Christmas and other big milestones moments. But as you probably know I’m a big believer in capturing regular moments of life. I believe that every family is unique and that your family traditions and routines make your family so special. My family morning routine looks exactly like yours only at first glance, but I’m sure in reality it’s way different. Same with dinner time, reading time, walk in the park and so on.  The dynamic in your family is yours and yours alone.  So those typical, boring, regular moments is something that I’m trying to capture. And that is something that I strongly recommend you to capture as well.

But I also know that lots of people would like to do something different, unique during a photo session.  So here is a few photo session ideas that I hope will inspire you to create a piece of family history that you will treasure forever. None of them require you to travel to unusual locations and to do incredible things. Most of them you do anyway. Some more often than others. And all of them can be special.


I think this is my favorite one. Doing nothing. Going with your regular day. Bake together, read together, watch tv. Let the kids run around the house on a lazy Saturday, ride a bike in the front yard. Build a blanket fort, even clean the house or go groceries shopping. This is one of the most powerful photo session ideas. It will show your family exactly as it is. This is what Day in Life sessions are all about.

Go treasure hunting

Did you know there is around 2,8  million little boxes hidden all over the world? And around 6500 in Ireland? From tiny one’s size of a screw to big ones that contain items that you can take as souvenirs if you find them and put something back. And I’m sure you walk next to them every day, and you don’t even know about it. It’s an opportunity to go exploring. So get your kids and look for them. Join the world’s largest treasure hunt  –

Wash your car together

If you let your kids get wet and a messy while playing with foam and water, I’m sure they will be all up for it. Running around with buckets of water will quickly lead to lots of laughter and fun. Make sure you are with them otherwise nothing will get done 😉 But that’s not the important part. If you let yourself have fun and change what is usually a chore into a family time, this will become a great memory.


Play in the Leafs

Autumn is just behind the corner. Put on something that you allow to get dirty and get to the park to throw some leafs around. Get really into it and get messy. Or go to the backyard rake leaf and jump in piles 😉 Your children will love it, and I’m sure that will be a memory that they will cherish forever


Create something

Stay home on a rainy afternoon get scissors, colorful paper, cardboard, buttons, glue, strings and so on and start creating. Or do some everyday home science experiments.  Get some old cardboard boxes and build a rocket with them.  Neckless, fairy doors, swords and shields, possibilities are endless.


Go to the forest.

Not a park. A real proper forest without nice little sidewalks and no playground.  Reconnect with nature. Take bags to collect pinecones and a magnifying glass to look for bugs. Show your kids what lives under the dead tree. Follow the ants, look for animal tracks, create a leaf or bark rubbing.  I guarantee that they will love the trip, you will get your batteries charged a little, and it will become a great memory


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