Your personal photojournalist. Telling your story.

I’m a Dublin based family and commercial photographer. I provide documentary photography services to both Professionals and Families. Inspired by your Passion and Love, I want to tell the story of your life.

Family sessions


I want you to cry. Not now. But in 30-40 years. In one of those days when you will feel this nostalgic and profoundly melancholic longing. For the time that has passed. I want you to look at you family images on the walls and in all of those albums and remember that you didn’t miss anything. Remember all the daily work that you have all put together into this thing called family. It was not easy but you did it. The happiness was there, and so was love. Family time and intimacy that goes with it. Memories and running jokes, even bad ones – especially bad ones. And I want you to cry a bit. I want my images to bring these sad and happy feelings together, sadness for missing the times and happiness for having experienced them. We can’t have that with posed or even “lifestyle” images. So let’s stop taking them ok?

This is what you been looking for. The “thing” that you know you want in your photographs but you could never put a finger on it. Something different.


Take their word for it!

mum laying on the carpet

Thank you so much, Tomasz! In honesty, the whole experience has had a massive impact on us. The feeling of closeness we had after viewing the images was amazing – can’t even put it into words. Garrett and I have felt a renewed sense of purpose for all that we do in our day to day lives and we want to prioritize family and always have Trajan know how loved and important he is to us (as well as how important Garrett and I are to each other). Thank you so much for the experience! Can’t express our gratitude enough!

brook from the couple photography session

We have been sharing the album you created with our friends and family. THEY ARE LOVING IT!!! Thank you again for taking the time to work with us and produce something that exceeded our expectations!! Thank you again for this wonderful gift you have given us!!

mother kissing her son

Our family photography session with Thomas was awesome! He not only takes beautiful photos but also brings out the love between you and your family in such a real way that the images will touch your heart every time you look at them. I got completely emotional!! Thank you, Thomas, for creating such magical memories!! It touched my heart!
– Hannah

Business Sessions

Bussines Documentary Photography will show who your company is, who you are, and what are you doing without almost any effort and time on your part. Whatever is happening in your company is happening anyway. No preparations and additional time are required. Show your clients who you are and why should they choose you, with unique images, that not only shows your work, passion and company culture, and carry any message you want to share, but are doing it in a way that is not possible during editorial or even lifestyle session, while still retaining the edge that is necessary for the commercial market and therefore create fantastic marketing opportunities.