How many times you saw your kids doing something adorable and you wanted to immortalize this moment on a picture, but the result was... just another picture.

You see your son playing with his dad, or your daughter on the monkey bars, and you think to your self. ” Just look at them. It’s so sweet and adorable? I love them so much, and I’m so proud. I’m going to take a picture of that. This looks awesome” Something is drawing you to this moment, to this scene, and you want to make sure that you will have this immortalized forever in a photograph. So you get your camera or your phone and you start shooting. But it turns out that “the thing” that was making this moment so magical is not in the image. Something is different. It’s just another photo.

Do those seem familiar? ( BDW these are the pictures I use to take when I started  🙂 )

What if I showed you that you could do it differently

What if you knew how to turn them to this :

What if I could give you the tools to develop “An eye”. That without getting deep into the camera setting you will get the ability to understand the scene that you are trying to photograph. You will learn how to see the photo you are trying to create, to see and use the light to tell a story and to use composition for storytelling. How to work the scene, how to anticipate the shoot, how to position yourself to create the most interest. Recognizing emotional triggers, what to expect, what to avoid, what to watch out for and so much more.

Most importantly you will learn how to shoot deliberately because you will understand how to really “see” your subjects. And your family and clients will thank you for it, as now you will be able to create images that are authentic and meaningful.

Your head is where the image begins. And from there, through the complex labyrinth os skills, thoughts, emotions comes the decision of pressing the shutter. It would be nice to have a full control over the labyrinth, but the truth is we use all the skills and understanding we have in a very chaotic way. We definitely apply all the skills we have, but we don’t necessarily consider them while we shoot. I organically take from the pool of information, experiences, articles that I have read, tutorials and workshops and so on, but i don’t have a full control over what I’m thinking about while I’m shooting

And I believe it would be nice to have at least a layout of this maze.

So this is what this class is about. Its a window into the mechanics of a documentary session. A distilled thought process of a documentary session designed to extract the approach and steps that need to be taken to create the best photograph you can.

You will explore photography from the perspective, the will give you result in both professional and personal project. It doesn’t matter if you a wedding, event, family photographer, or a mum, dad or a girl with the camera.

Find out how to apply street and documentary approach in your family and professional photographs. Bring photojournalistic principles into practice and start creating your family history with the art of storytelling through still images. And do that without even looking at your camera setting, without a new lens, camera or any new equipment. It’s all about your head and heart.

I will share with you all the techniques that I use to capture real honest moments. I’ll explain how to approach the scene, what to look for and how to stay present at the moment to capture authentic and timeless images. By giving you a very simple set of guidelines I will give you the tools that you can immediately use to become a master of the art of observation.

Learn how to stop taking the ” Smile! and look at the camera honey.” photos. Leave the posed pictures behind and find out how to capture real, genuine, emotional images of your family and clients. Images that in 40 years will remind you not only how they use to look like, but who they ware at the time.

BTW.. my name is Thomas

I’m a Dublin based documentary photographer.  I work very closely with families and professionals and I specialize I creating unposed candid images of love and passion. There is no posing and no fake smiles. Just messy emotions and careful composition.

My passion for real and honest photography took me to covers of magazines, numerous interviews, starting from Huffington post, through photography portals like Petapixels and family magazines all over the world. I have worked with companies like Google and National Irish Cricket Team, been called a person who redefines family photography, shot a government campaign about Positive Parenting for the City of Zurich, have been featured on BBC for The One Shown and I have worked with numerous families and businesses.

Take their word for it!

Thank you so much, Tomasz! In honesty, the whole experience has had a massive impact on us. The feeling of closeness we had after viewing the images was amazing – can’t even put it into words. Garrett and I have felt a renewed sense of purpose for all that we do in our day to day lives and we want to prioritize family and always have Trajan know how loved and important he is to us (as well as how important Garrett and I are to each other). Thank you so much for the experience! Can’t express our gratitude enough!

We have been sharing the album you created with our friends and family. THEY ARE LOVING IT!!! Thank you again for taking the time to work with us and produce something that exceeded our expectations!! Thank you again for this wonderful gift you have given us!!

Our family photography session with Thomas was awesome! He not only takes beautiful photos but also brings out the love between you and your family in such a real way that the images will touch your heart every time you look at them. I am not sure if it was the images of my children, my husband or the music playing in the background but I got completely emotional!! Thank you, Thomas, for creating such magical memories!! It touched my heart!
– Hannah



The single most important element of the great photograph. Countless books have been written just about light. You will hear this time and time again. Figuring how to see light, or more importantly how to use it, is the most important part of your photography adventure. So, let’s find out how to do that. How will it affect the mood of the image? How to use it to tell a story. Backlight, window light, hard directional light and so on..

Know the POV

You will learn how to position yourself to make sure that the picture will tell what you ate trying to tell. We will talk how to identify the perfect perspective. Shoot from far to emphasize the contrast between the small child and the big world, or get low to make him appear strong and ad power? Storytelling via composition.

Working the scene

We will talk about how to find a photo in a moment. We know its there but we just need to find it. The first image is almost never the one. I’ll will show you what can you do to bring the best from the scene.

Patience and Anticipation

It’s not always about what going on now. It’s sometimes what will happen in a minute. Learn how to identify the picture that is going to happen. Action vs Reaction. Your son scoring a goal is great. You son jumping from happiness 5 seconds later is better.

Isolating the moment

It’s not always obvious when the moment happens. Find out how to isolate the key decisive moments from the scene that you are photographing. How to translate the whole situation into one picture.

Recognizing emotional triggers

Create emotional closeness in a photo. Learn where to look for the subtle things that will make the photo meaningful. How to find extraordinary in the ordinary.

Shooting deliberately

Find out how to translate the emotions that you feel when you are taking the photo to the actual image. Learn how to clearly understand what are you trying to tell. There is a reason why you are creating that picture. Something is pulling you to this moment. There is something you want to say with it. Learn how to identify it and shoot deliberately. Shoot what you feel not what it looks like.

And so much more

How to control the frame, telling the proper story, what to expect, what to avoid, how to look for cleanest composition, how to control the mood of the image, cropping, squaring up, and so on..


With the help of RAW files from a family session, we will look at all the techniques that I use to create real, honest, and meaningful images in a fully candid and unposed way. We will go through the whole session together exploring the decision taken during the shot, the reasons for them and also the mistakes and lost opportunities. We will talk about how to look for light and use it to set a mood and control the image, where to position yourself what angle to shoot at when to press the button.


Later with the help of RAW files from an advertising photo shoot also created in a documentary style, we will understand how to apply those skills to be able to create images from different genres, but still keep them in the realms of documentary photography. We will learn how to create portraits in a documentary unposed style. Advertising photoshoots, even fashion. Shoot events. Family and others. And depending on how you will apply those skills you will be able to tell the exact story you want to tell. Amazing family time or a corporate event.


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Is NBSPM for me?

I believe that creating a family story through pictures is something that everyone should be doing. There is a reason that a box of pictures is always in the first three items that everyone would save from a fire. It’s just simply enormously important and irreplaceable.

But this might NOT be for you if :

You simply don't care.


You believe that your kids will not care about emotional images from their childhood when they will be old ( you are so wrong bdw..)


You loathe the idea of working on something for a little longer. This class will give you tools that will get you results ( some faster than the others) but if you will not enjoy the process of putting them into action this class probably isn’t for you.


You have never looked at the photos your childhood with that happy/sad melancholy feeling.


You are perfectly ok with shooting only posted images in your professional and personal projects.

This IS for you if :

You believe that everyday life is fleeting.


You want to make sure that your children will be able to go back to they childhood through the pictures.


You are tired of your pictures not reflecting what you saw.


You want to make more emotionally real and meaningful images of your family life without getting into the technical camera stuff.


If you want to simply remember in 50 years what your family life was and not only how it looked like


You are a professional photographer and you want to explore the possibility of a documentary photography


You simply like photography and you want to get better at it.


You want to step up your photography game with some solid, not gear/settings oriented photography concepts

Ask yourself:

What kind of images I will have in 50 years..

Almost ready but still not completely?

Let me tell you why this is important for you and your family

We think that life that we live right now is the life that we are going to have forever. We know it will change a little, but more or less it will remain the same. So it’s so easy to take everything for granted. The ordinary day’s that starts with helping your children brush their teeth and ends with a story time under a blanket. Somewhere during the day, there is a walk in the park, a crayon drawing to hang on the fridge or maybe a board game. Countless yoga classes, and football classes, and drama classes. Knee scratches, smudged finger marks on the mirror, and school runs. So many schools run.

There are good days and bad days. Earaches and sore throats, a best friend who got mean for now reason, dead goldfish, chicken pox and so many brothers and sister fights. But mostly the days seems consistent, solid, stable; Life is what it is.

But eventually, things will get different. The change will probably slowly sneak in without being seen. Toy cars disappear from the hall ( kind of like you always wanted but different), no more smudged finger marks on the mirror. A bedroom door that has always been open quietly closes. And you will realize that the last piggyback ride was over five years ago and that there is not going to be a next one.

I believe that we need to savour every minute of the life we have right now. Every family dinner. Every cup of cacao. Possibility to say goodnight in person. Because any moment now, you’re going to be hugging a daughter who’s turned into a woman. Or standing on tiptoe, saying goodbye to a son who’s suddenly six-feet tall, and heading off to a college halfway across the country. I believe that the life is happening here and now.

I believe that those perfectly ordinary days are what is it all about.

And for your bussines

Documentary photography is penetrating the photography market slowly but surely. It started at weddings, where now a photojournalistic approach is definitely winning with fully posed images. Family photography.- the trend is not fast but it definitely visible ( more in States than Europe but its here). Even the Advertising photography these days is almost always lifestyle. Including fashion. The models are laughing and having fun in a way that should look as natural as possible, feel as real as possible, so the real people will respond to the message. How many times have we seen happy families in sweaters for Christmas opening boxes with electronic equipment already?

Documentary photography It’s a perfect way to strengthen the relationship between business and clients by showing who the company is and what it represents. And it can do it in a way, that is not only able to produce images from almost any genre, carry any message and make them fresh and unique and therefore perfect for marketing. It also can do it in the way that avoids a lot of pain points that are created when not-documentary photoshoot is being organised.

Time is always a key factor here. And so is an effort. When we decide if something is worth doing we weight it against the price we have to pay. And not only a financial one. How much time will it take and how much work has to be put into it, is a big part of the equation. The documentary approach needs none of that.

Whatever is happening in the business is happening already anyway. The production line, the event, or a conference room. There is absolutely no need for allocating time for the photoshoot. Same with effort. There is nothing to organize. Just let the photographer in. No setup, no space or preparations of any kind are needed.

And the result could be outstanding. The possibility of creating images in almost any style and in any genre generates an opportunity to produce images that will convey whatever message is important or necessary. Do you want to strengthen the brand, show the people behind the wheel, professionalism the work is conducted in, values that are behind the business? It can carry almost any message. And still, maintain the unposed candidates and realism of the street photography that will distinguish the real message from the obviously PR planed one, and put the white-blueish stock photos in the shadow.

So.. Are you in ?