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My family and children’s photography session are usually purely documentary. There is no “stand here and smile” photographs here. Just messy emotions and careful composition. I could probably ramble about why I believe that unposed and candid photography is the only way that kids and families should be photographed for quite some time. But I have already done that several times from different angles, and also that is not why you are here. If you interested about Day in Life session click below.

What is Day In Life Photography

Unfortunately, this is not I way I can approach School picture day.
It takes time, especially when there are so many kids and my presence in the class for so long would affect carefully constructed routine. Also, there is a long tradition of school photography. Portraits.

But even when creating portraits I believe that they should not be forced. Especially with such small children. Some of them are totally ok with standing in front of a camera and giving me a big smile but on the other hand, some will not even come close. And that’s completely fine because this is who they are. Goofy, wacky and silly at one moment and  shy and quiet at the other.

So none of the kids were forced to smile. I never circle back to any of them to make sure that I will get the perfect “smiling at the camera” photo. If they were shy than we have a shy photo. If they decide to be goofy that we have a goofy photo. Sometimes both. Sometimes just one.

Anyway, the pictures are ready and I hope that you will like them as much as I do. To access the gallery you will need an email address and the password. Collections are created automatically when required amount of prints are chosen.


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