I’m really excited to show you the images taken recently during the Halloween Party at Red Stables and I’m sure that you are very eager to see them as well. So let me just say a few words of explanation regarding how the process works.
The link below will take you to a private photo gallery dedicated to the Halloween Party. To access the images you will need your email address and a password. The gallery allows you to easily browse the photographs and buy digital files.
To keep things simple, only digital files are available, I’m usually a Full-Service Photographer that help every client to create a beautiful heirloom albums and prints ( Click here to find out why I think that prints beats digital every time ) but this session was really short and simple so just this once – only digitals.
Pay with PayPal for security and privacy. If you don’t have a PayPal account just choose “I don’t have PayPal account” when prompted for PayPal username and password to use your bank card.
After purchasing images make sure that you download them as soon as possible as the gallery will expire at 09/11/2016  12/11/2016 (as requested by some moms;)
Please share this gallery with your family. Grandma or aunty may like different pictures then you do 🙂 
And finally click here to get familiar with my work.

Bedroom interior.

OK here we go 😉