What is storytelling photography?
Think of me as of your personal photojournalist. I will make it my mission to create art out of a normal Thursday. I would love to tell a story. The story about your family. I want to preserve real meaningful pieces of your everyday life. No posing, no fake smiles. Many years down the road when you will look at those photos I want you to remember, really remember those precious fleeting moments. The smell of coffee, the way that morning sun falls on the bed in your old bedroom, how tired and strangely happy you were, when you were changing your baby’s nappy for the 6th time today and its still before 12. I would love my photos to be able to trigger your senses through the memories captured, and be a reminder of how much love you have in your life. 
Could you describe a typical session?
I like to spend a few moments to get to know each other a little bit. I will probably tell you about my kids, ask about your life and work, and possibly ask for a cup of coffee. It will make everyone feel a little bit less awkward and it will reflect greatly in the pictures. During the time we will spend together I’m not planning to direct or pose you. I want you to do what you always do. Make a smoothie in the kitchen, read a book on a couch, play with the family dog. Just be yourself and let me show you how extraordinary is an ordinary family.
What should i wear the day of the shoot?
There are no real rules regarding what should you wear the day of the session and I encourage you to wear whatever makes you the most comfortable If I would ask about anything it would be to wear simple clothing . Without a big logo on a front or complicate flower pattern. Simple plain clothes if possible and try to avid black.
Do you require a deposit and when is the balance due?
Yes, a 50% deposit is required in order to make a booking and the balance is due on the day of the session.
Payment methods?
I accept cash and cheques, but find that the easiest method of payment is a bank transfer.
Is there a contract?
Yes, to protect the rights both yours and mine there is a contract with each and every client I work with.
How many photos can we expect?
Depends on the Collection type. You can find all information here
How long until our photos are ready?
Again, this depends on the Collection type. Starting point will be around 2 weeks.
Do we get copyright over our images?
Copyright may be a complicated issue and many times can be misunderstood. Basically I will keep the copyright but grant you the right to do practically anything with your photos outside of commercial use.
Can i choose to have only colored or only B&W photos?
I would advice that you would allow me to artistically interpret the photos and choose the best way to edit them. Some photos simply look much better in BW or in colour.