We all know that great images are incredibly important from a marketing point of view.

That 60% of consumers who use online search say they prefer to contact a business whose listing includes an image, that articles with relevant images average 94% more total views than articles without pictures and so on. That great images show professionalism, no matter what line of business you are in. On your website, in magazines, and on social media, etc., your photographs are what most people use to formulate their image of your business. According to a study once posted on the BBC website, visual information can be responsible for as much as 87% of the consumer’s retention concerning any brand.

But I want you to look deeper. I want you to look beyond the professional looking images that you can buy from photo stocks.  As clean as nice they always look, as professional as they are, they also always feel a little disconnected. There is no personal feel to them, nothing in them shows who you are, what you really do and how much passion, hard work, blood, sweat, and tears goes into running your business

Every professional or business have a story to tell. They need clients who believe in their message. “Who are you?”,  “Why should I choose you,” “Do we share the same values?”   It is especially true for small businesses who generally must charge higher rates than large national corporations to survive. For these small businesses, making a personal connection with their customers is key to survival.

One way to get that message out into the community is a documentary photography session.




Which image would you rather have on the wall of your business place?

It is easy to forget that customers engage emotionally, and justify rationally.   If you can find a personal connection with your potential client, they might have more of an emotional connection with you than they will with your competition. Showing your passion and hard work that goes into running your business is a very powerful marketing piece. It’s one thing to tell them about your business, but it’s another to actually show them.  Day in Life session showing the “behind the scenes” of your work is a perfect way to reach to a potential client with a message that shows who you are and what you stand for.

Revealing something about yourself is a perfect way to create a relationship with you clients. In fact, according to the study in Journal of Consumer Research, if a salesperson shares a birthday or a birthplace with you, you are more likely to make a purchase from that person and feel good about it. So show them. Show them the work that you put into your business. Not with a portrait of yourself standing in front of your shop or with an image of a handshake bought on the stock photo website but with photographs of real moments that will distinguish you from the competition and make you stand out.

And I’m not only talking about social media or your website. Remember those photos of nice sandy beaches you have at your place? The one that you bought at IKEA when you were decorating? The ones that got nothing in common with what you do? Imagine they were photographs of you and your team showing all the hard work and devotion to the job. Your tools of trade, your focused eyes while you were fixing a car, speaking to the crowd or teaching a dance class.

Then there are brochures, proposals, poster, billboards and endless other promotional materials that can show your brand identity in a real meaningful way thanks to real meaningful photographs.

Day In Life session will improve your credibility, increase the overall perception of the value of your business, shows the culture and values that drives your company but more importantly it will connect you with your clients by showing them the face behind the business and the huge level of dedication and love that you put into it

It’s Your Turn