I’m tired,

And I’m pissed off.

I hate that my kids are surrounded by images of people that don’t exist. Perfect airbrushed gods and goddesses that look at them from billboards magazines and movies telling them that this is who you supposed to be. Beautiful, perfect and always smiling.

Commercials that lie to us that we need this product or that service to be happy. Lifestyle images of families in magazines smiling excessively, pretending to be real and happy. Google happy family, and look at the pictures. You’ll know what I mean.

I’m tired of this posed, perfectly created images that have nothing to do with real life. That carries no memories and no emotions. Of the newborns wrapped in blankets, dressed in flowers and toddlers smashing a cupcake in front of a vinyl wallpaper that pretends to be wooden planks. I don’t care about nicely posed family portraits in white shirts sitting on the grass looking at the camera. They do nothing for me.

I want to have a photo of my son sticking his tongue out when he learns how to write a letter “A” at playschool and not the one of him sitting on a chair in his new shirt in front of a background from the 80’s.

I believe that an image of a daughter laying quietly next to her mum on the couch while watching tv is much more valuable than the one that can be created in a photography studio where two of them are standing in front of a three light setup trying to laugh naturally.

I believe in something different. Something real and raw. So no more of this fake posed perfect family photography. We all remember that moment when the image was created and we know really well how real it was.

So let’s do it differently No more pretending. No bullshit photography.