Your personal photojournalist. Telling your story.

I’m a Dublin based documentary photographer. I provide documentary photography services to both Professionals and Families. Inspired by your Passion and Love, I want to tell the story of your life.


Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Temple Bar


Kind words

“Thomas from Day in the Life storytelling photography redefines how to capture the honesty and essence of families” –

“Those photos will bring out the love between you and your family in such a real way that the images will touch your heart every time you look at them.” – Hannah

“Thank you again for this wonderful gift you have given us..” – Brook and Brett

“.ahhh.. the photos are just too beautiful!!” – Dora

What is Day In Life Photography

Family sessions

Your family is unique. There is no second like it. Why should your family photography have to be the same as everyone else? I present to you a new style of Professional Family Photography.

I believe that the most significant days of our lives are disguised in routine and monotony. That there is magic in the mundane and beauty in the chaos if we are just willing to stop and recognize it.

But sooner then we expect our kids will have driver’s licenses and will be filing college applications. Freckles will fade, and there will be no more smudged fingerprints on the windows.

Day in life session is a way for your family to revisit life back then. Almost transport you back to that moment in time. I believe that Day in Life session preserve history. The history that’s going to be looked at years and maybe even decades later.

Let me help you save those moments. I’m a storytelling photographer specializing in documentary family sessions in your home or on location.

No fake smiles. No posing. Just real moments, messy emotions, and careful composition.


Connection Sessions

Because that is really what it is all about. Connection, Love, Emotions. Gentle, quiet and graceful moments. An opportunity to just be together, Many couples get so caught up and busy with life in general, that they rarely stop and just hold each other. But we know that everything else is secondary to the emotion and connection. Beside.. How many photographs do you really have of just the two of you?


Business Sessions

Every professional or business have a story to tell. They need customers who believe in their message. “Who are you?”,  “Why should I choose you”, “Do we share the same values?”  One way to get that message out into the community is a documentary photography session. I will show your business philosophy, the nature and the purpose of you work. The work, the sweat, the behind the scenes moments that makes you who you are as a professional. Professional Golfer, a Florist, Barber, Bike Mechanic, Public speaker, an Artist, etc.  Let me tell your story…